Saturday, November 23, 2013

Update of Sorts, Sir Stapleton Cotton

I was hoping that my cyberbuddy, Paul, could offer some direction, but he's busy with his family, I'm sure. Here are some more pics of General Cotton after having fussed with the figure all day. I'll never get this one right. I'm thinking of just giving up and making a command stand as he is. I think I'll order another figure and see what I can do with a second try. Here goes:


Sun of York said...

Your challenge will be to get a base to match the same quality of the fantastic paint job, not over power it, but compliment it.

As my figures are for wargaming I go for a consistent basic flock that doesn't always do justice to the figures, but then I hope to make up for that with better terrain on the table top.

Mark Case said...

You raise a great point. I have a table, but the terrain is generic, and isn't up to the same detail that the figures are. What's more, if one is standing at the table, the details I like to paint aren't noticeable.

I love your blog, and find it very enriching. I do this stuff only because I'm bored, and I like painting stuff. So I do. I wish I gamed more, but finding Shako fans around here is somewhat challenging. I have some gaming buddies here, but they are all into Flames of War, which really isn't my cup of tea.

Mark Case said...

P.s. I really don't think that my paint jobs pass muster as "fantastic." I appreciate the compliment, but I paint mostly out of boredom. I've seen your blog, you can do the same or better if you get bored enough. Thanks, and I look forward to seeing more of your stuff on your blog :)

Sun of York said...

Thank you.

Some of the stuff I post is personal memories and some stuff to help me remember in the future.

Blogger is a great tool to put people in contact and it was through Blogger that I got to have my first game using Shako. I am still a die hard Napoleon's Battles player, but it was great to meet up with other people with similar interests (even though different scale and rules).

Anonymous said...

Hi there Mark

I stumbled upon your blog - much admire your painting skill for your Napoleonics!

Just a general question regarding figures. Which ones do you use (and which ones would you avoid)?

When you mention that you use Old Glory, do you mean 'Old Glory15s (by 19th Century Miniatures) or Blue Moon's Old Glory range?

Many regards


Mark Case said...

Hi Ross - "Old Glory" refers to Old Glory 15s by 19th Century Miniatures. I use primarily AB, and I would stay away from Essex, only because the size is not really compatible with AB and O.G. Some of the newer edition of Old Glory are actually quite nice. I haven't tried the Blue Moon range, but I've been looking into it. Thanks for stopping by.