Saturday, November 23, 2013

A work-in-process: Stapleton Cotton in 15mm

Some figures are just not made for Quickshade, or quick anything. This is one of them. I intend to use this Sir Stapleton Cotton figure for my cavalry command stand. I've been working on it for three days now, and I keep messing with it. The thing is that the sculpting is so fantastic, that it is possible to paint a miniature portrait of General Cotton - Mr. Barton even sculpted in the long curved nose! I know I can be a perfectionist, but this one is a real challenge. I just can't get the gilded hussar braid down. I'm running out of gold paint! Anyway, I'll be sure to post the finished command stand, once I have the figure down.


paulalba said...

he's looking grand Mark, I need to get into sone more of my character figures, they really bring your army together.

I envy the guys doing Brits and french, lots of interesting upwardly mobile types, Prussian and Russian command just don't have that flare.

I'll get to lasalles etc eventually.

Mark Case said...

Oh my. Paul, I was hoping you could offer some advice on this one. I'll just post pics as they become available. How is your family doing?

Sun of York said...

You are a good advert for ABs. I've just added this figure to my want list (my Brits have about a dozen units, but only two commanders, so the need is there).

Mark Case said...

Thanks, Sun. I'd gladly trade painted figures for bare metal - that's how I acquired most of the bare metal I have. I don't think Eureka is interested, though. Oh well, at the rate I paint figures, it's still a really cheap hobby. I fly airplanes for fun, too, and believe me, that's WAY more expensive!