Monday, November 11, 2013

Some pre-Army Painter Hussars

As said earlier, I'm experimenting with Quickshade/Army Painter. Here are the French 3rd Hussars (photographed in hand to show the scale). Next pics will be of post-Quckshade/Army Painter. Stay tuned!


Sun of York said...

I'm a painter of 15mm Napoleonics and will be interested to see how your experiment turns out. Those hussars look great as they are. The brown you've used on some of the horses is a shade I've been trying to reproduce but without success - what paints are you using please?

The only trouble with ABs are some of the swords and lances get a bit bendy. I picked up an early Christmas present of professionally painted figures and will be spending some time repositioning swords, lances and bayonets.

Mark Case said...

The horses are painted as follows; primed with black primer. After the primer dries, an undercoat of Vallejo Cavalry Brown (#982). Then successive thin coats of a maple color (the one I used for these pics is one so old that the label has been worn off of it). Thin coats of the highlight color allows you to get the gentle grade from bright to the shade color (Cavalry Brown). I think that the photo represents the highlight color very well - you could actually use that to make a match if you like. I think that the manufacturer is Ceramcoat, and the shade is Maple, but I can't be sure. I bought that bottle of paint almost a decade ago.

paulalba said...

Hi Mark, these are excellent before the AP. You have done all yer shading already and your grass.

I've never seen it used like this. I'll be interested to see how they come out as I usually just block the base colours in and get the shade from the AP then do the highlights.

Bet they look great.

Mark Case said...

Hi Paul - I figured that's basically how you use it. These hussars haven't had the AP treatment, and I decided not to apply it to these figs. I have a test figure I painted as a casualty figure. It's a Chasseur, which I'm touching up now. I should have a pic up in the next day or so. I wish sometimes I wasn't so anal about details, because painting this stuff is really slow. I figured if the test figure comes out o.k., I'd use AP for most of my remaining figs because it takes a lot less time to paint a unit that way.

paulalba said...

Hi Mark
I'm the same, I take ages painting my battalions. I figured you had shaded these guys to well to be AP'd
I look forward to your results with tge test figures.

Sun of York said...

I've now got some AB Hussars and I'm going to paint them up as the 3rd. If I can get half as good a result as you have I'll be happy.

The pictures you posted at the beginning of April on the Facebook page I assume are these same guys, but after your Army painter test? If so they came out really well.