Monday, May 05, 2008

Filling out the British O.B. for the Penninsula

Using the Shako rules, I'm filling out the British/Allied O.B. for the Peninsula, which requires some guard battalions, and more British foot battalions. I've been slowly shifting to AB for these because of how clean the sculpting and casting is with this line.

In this post I have one battalion of foot and one light battalion, plus a command stand. The "tree" in the command stand is from the same stuff I bought from Woodland Scenics for the Horse Artillery base. I bought the round base at Allbright's, a local gaming store, and is made by Games Workshop.

The painting procedure is pretty much the same as with the other figures, with a slightly modified technique for lace and piping, which is what I want to post next. I can't guarantee when I'll have the post finished, but I'm working on the guards battalion now, so hopefully soon.