Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Goddamned Google!

O.k., it took a while, but I finally figured out how to log back into my Blogger account. Anyway, I have a cyberbuddy, Scott Erdo who posted some excellent pics of Old Glory 15s French Chausseurs a Cheval. I can't really do justice to the figures, but here are some pics of the same figs I painted about 10 years ago. The thing is that I'm not sure about the colors. I think that perhaps my color choices are a tad too bright, but then again, I look at figs on the table and two things come to mind. First, at 15mm, no one really notices, and second, who really cares? It's a 15mm game, and the focus should be on the game, not on the color of the cuffs of the uniforms of the figures. The thing for me is that I paint WAY more than I game, and I love trying to recreate the figures in miniature. There is that, and so I changed brands to AB because the sculpting is outstanding. On the other hand, the general spirit of the OG15s is hard to beat. Here are a couple of pics from about a decade ago. The paint job probably could be better, but the spirit of the sclupts is really great.