Tuesday, November 19, 2013

QuickShade Horse

This is the latest installment in my wash technique foray. This is a French Chausseur casualty marker for Shako II. The horse was done simply with Army Painter Quickshade, instead of deep shade tones and thin successive highlight tones. This makes the rendering of the horse quite simple. Base color, QuickShade, then highlights with more of the base color. I'll be fooling around with more wash techniques to see if I like any of them enough to finish my Peninsular armies with it.


Sun of York said...
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Sun of York said...

The horse looks good. Nice figure - is it an AB?

Mark Case said...

Hi Sun - yes, that's an AB horse. I've come to the conclusion that painting with wash techniques has to start with a good sculpting job. I've had figures that were perfectly functional on the game table, but hard to pick out whether it was a horse, mule, donkey, goat, or over-sized Guinea pig. I choose AB exclusively for horses, because they are definitely horses, and nice ones at that!