Tuesday, March 22, 2011

AB - Battle Honors Comparison

After yet another waaaaaayyy to long of time away, I wanted to post something regarding a comparison between AB figures and Battle Honors. I've seen some people trying to sell Battle Honors figures as AB figures, which is not entirely accurate. The do have the same sculptor, Tony Barton (Anthony Barton, ergo the "AB"), but are entirely different product lines.

I like both; they have the same general style, but the craft and the hobby had progressed considerably between the Battle Honors and AB lines. Probably the biggest difference one is likely to see is the size differential. Battle Honors are true 15mm figures, while the AB figures are closer to 18mm, and the difference is easily seen when the figures are side by side, so I've posted some pictures.

In the pictures, the Portuguese figures (guys with blue jackets) are AB figures, and the Spanish figures (guys with white coats) are Battle Honors. The similarity in style is obvious; however, the manufacturing and product lines are different. Rather than waxing on about 15mm figures, I'll just let you look at the figures and make your own assessment. Really, no one would notice the difference on the game table if you have consistent units - that is you don't mix the figures within the same unit. Devil's argument for that is that anyone who has been in military service will tell you that we all fall out according to height - ergo there are tall and short people in the same formation, so mixing them just make them look more like real people. I guess it's up to the gamers' taste, but style-wise, they are very similar. FYI . . .