Saturday, January 02, 2016

Cigar Box Battle Mat Report

Until now, I've spent almost all my hobby time painting, and almost never gaming. Part of this problem was the fact that my figures are really detailed, but I just couldn't get the terrain board to work. I'm a figure painter, not a terrain maker. Then I accidentally discovered the Cigar Box Battles products, and that changes everything. This company makes fleece gaming mats with designs embedded in them (it isn't paint - you can even put them in the washing machine). Here are some pics; this entire setup was incredibly easy to pull off. I just put the tables up (6' x 4'), wadded up an old t-shirt to use for the heights on the French right, put the mat over it, sprinkled in some lichen, added trees and half-painted buildings, and that's it.


Pouncing Tiger said...

Nice! I've been thinking about getting one of these, but they don't make 4' x 8' mats.

Mark Case said...

They do make mats that fit together nicely. My 6' x 4' mat is actually larger - you could put two 4' x 4' mats together and it would look fine I think. Thanks for stopping by!