Saturday, April 11, 2015

Old Glory 15mm French in Campaign Dress

I painted these figures years ago, but got to reflecting about the general look on the Facebook group "Napoleonic Wargamer" ( It's a closed group, but people on it are very active and there are great pictures and opinions about painting, gaming, strategies and history of the Napoleonic wars. My perspective is that AB has the best sculpts on the market - with as much detail as can be crammed into 15mm, but they seem very placid for soldiers about to meet their prospective doom. Old Glory 15s, on the other hand, cast figures that are full of personality and energy - much better suitable for the field of murder and mayhem. So, I give you Old Glory's rendition of French Infantry in March Attack/campaign dress. This is good stuff. Kudos to Steve and Steve (the O.G. USA manufacturers).


Gary Amos said...

Lovely job.
Have to agree that, beautifully sculpted as AB are and much as I love them, they're generally a bit 'casual'.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark,
A fine battalion of OG French, yeah I agree the OG always appear as if they are on the way to a date with fate. When you read of napoleons troops covering great distances, getting th supper hand on his enemies the OG figures fit the bill best!

paulalba said...

My avatar seems to have dissaperrd on the above post Hmm?

Sun of York said...

Thanks for posting about the FB group - I've just been accepted.

I agree about the Old Glory figures. This group you have done look great.

Mark Case said...

Thanks Sun, it will be good to see you in the group discussions :)

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Very nice work
I was looking for some inspiration to paint 15mm Nap French and found it