Sunday, April 12, 2015

Fantassin/Warmodelling 15mm Figures

Here are some Spanish figures from Fantassin/Warmodelling. I figured that the best place to get Spanish figures is in Spain, right? Here they are, painted as a generic Spanish line battalion. The figures are about the same size as AB, with a good degree of detail - though not quite as comprehensive as AB in that respect. The proportions of the figures are probably a shade better than Old Glory, but mix well with either AB or Old Glory.


Sun of York said...

They look lovely. Certainly on my list of figures for a future Spanish army. I've painted up their Prussian grenadiers (with the big plumes) and I was very happy with those figures.

Mark Case said...

Thanks, Sun. I wondered about the cav figures, but I think I'll take the plunge and get a few. Thanks for the input!

Sun of York said...

Make sure you get the Vivandieres. I saw I was missing a label to the figures of theirs I've done. Fixed that.