Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Cazadores, Finished and Based

Well, here they are. This rounds out my Portuguese division for a great Arroyo dos Molinos scenario. Next, I'll be doing some command stands - Spanish, British, and British cavalry command.


paulalba said...

Nicely done Mark,
Look forward to the commands

Mark Case said...

Thanks, Paul. I tried an experiment with a Palomino horse for the command stands that went horribly wrong. It looks more like a banana than a horse, so I'll have to re-do it. May take some time.

Phil said...

Splendid, colors are great!

Mark Case said...

Thank you Phil. I always make the colors brighter for 15mm than they would be for larger figures. I've heard that referred to as "scaling the color" - to me it just "looks right" on the figure. It also makes for a better looking game table with the colors this way. Checking out your blog . . . thanks again!