Sunday, August 04, 2013

Hello all:

I was thinking of loosening up my painting style. I've seen Scott MacPhee's blog, "MacPhee's Miniature Men, which is impressive. That got me to thinking - most of the detail I spend my time painting would NEVER be noticed on a game table. Let's face it; at 15mm, you'd never know whether every button was painted. Unless your eyes are natural macro lenses, no one really cares about pristine details.

Just thinking out loud. What do you think?

Here's the link to Scott's blog:

MacPhee's Miniature Men


paulalba said...

It's up to you Mark,
I think about this myself at times. I have changed styles a few times but have returned to my own original style that takes longer but when finished im happier with.

Twin Cities Gamer said...

Just found your blog & now following. When I switched from WH Fantasy to 15mm ancients 3ish years ago, I found the MacPhee site and used it to learn how to paint 15mm. The 2 tone jumps put some off but at 3', its a nice pop and the Ottomans I painted in triads don't look that different from the MacPhee method. I tend to stay with it.

This year, I've pushed into 28mm with some 15mm and like you, I'm always mulling changes in painting style to keep it fresh. Your painting and tutorials are excellent. Thanks for sharing!

Mark Case said...

I just checked out your blog - I'll be sure to put it on my list. I basically agree with the two-tone observation, but then again, I use less contrast than some do, and I use multiple thinned layers which keeps the "pop" effect under control. You are right, though, at a distance of three feet . . .