Friday, August 25, 2006

Wow. I have now committed a real faux-pas in the blogging world and didn't realize it. I got busy with work, and neglected to post for a while - sorry guys. I'll post some pics of Spanish and Portuguese for the time being, and create my "basing hussars" article soon.


Geoff said...

Hi Mark.

Keep at this. It's a great site, and your British 15mm looked fantastic. In fact, it made me think about Old Glory, which always looked too thick for me.

Now I'll probably buy some OG War of 1812 Americans...thanks to you. (Which I guess look like the OG Portuguese you've put up too.)

Beautiful, and the hints you're giving are great.

Mark Case said...

Thanks, Geoff

I'm currently busy with work, but will be posting a basing technique next.

I'm not sure if I mentioned, but the blue hussar in the step-by-step article is Old Glory, but mounted on an AB horse. That's the only real weakness I see about O.G. is that the horses need some tuning up. Also, I like to mix them up a little - O.G. is my brand of choice, but also I get AB, Battle Honors, etc. for variety.

Thanks for your kind comments!

Allison said...

Ooh, another painting blog! Always good to see. Although I do mostly 28-30mm fantasy and SF it's always interesting to see how other miniature types are handled.

Don't feel bad about sporadically updating, frankly, most blogs only have a few readers who don't visit every day anyway. As long as you update every once in a while, people will keep coming back... once in a while ;) If you want to build up your readership you should have a sig file link to your blog in any miniature-related web forums you frequent.

Mark Case said...

Thanks, Allison.

I'll be posting more soon. I've been sidetracked by work (I teach in a university), and I've been painting a couple of 28mm figs for the Friday Night Fusiliers' International Unit. I may put some pics of those up as well.