Saturday, January 17, 2015

Thinking of Switching Rules Sets

I'm thinking of switching from Shako II to Age of Eagles. I'd just use the same bases, but the OOB and the play system are different. Does anyone have any experience with this? One problem I can see is that I haven't found any AOE scenarios specific to the Penninsular campaign.


Ed said...


Visit the Age of Eagles Yahoo group ( and look for "Power is My Mistress" in the files. It is 3 or 4 documents, including:

Baylen 1808
Talavera 1809
Ocana 1809
Bussaco 1810
Fuentes d’Onoro 1811
Albuera 1811
Salamanca 1812
Victoria 1813

Ed said...

And I think there are a few others in there, too.

PIMM isn't easy to find, you may have to do a search in the files...I did.

Hope that helps.


Mark Case said...

Thanks, Ed! I think the difficulty is in the figure scale (1:360). I wondered how that was handled in AOE, so I'll check it out. Thanks again!

Sun of York said...

I haven't played AoE but have played Fire and Fury and love them as a game system so AoE would be a ruleset I would consider. I also play Shako II, but only "incidently" (as in order to get a big game in with people who just play those rules).

Good luck!

A ruleset I'm looking forward to is Blucher as I want a fast play set to use on club nights.

Fredloan1 said...

How far are you from Palm Harbor, FL Mark? I finally moved to FL this last year and I have not had a chance to play any Shako 2 In almost 18 months.

Mark Case said...

Hi Fred - I'm a couple hours' drive south in Fort Myers. Maybe we could get together?