Sunday, September 01, 2013

Command Stand For A Spanish Division

Here it is - a command stand for a Spanish division in my Peninsular OOB. The horse faux-pas was a big one, but hopefully it's been covered up a bit.  At least the horses don't look like horse-shaped bananas any more!


paulalba said...

Nice Mark,
Like the hussar braid. What was the faux-pas?

Mark Case said...

Hi Paul

Thanks for the kind words. The faux-pas had to do with a disastrous experiment painting the horses. I didn't take pics, but trust me, it was BAD. So, I painted over it and wound up with the horses you see there. The braid was done with a 10/0 brush, good optics, and the figure holding device shown in the step-by-step concerning folds and wrinkles in clothing. Thanks again!