Friday, July 28, 2006

Some French for follow-up

Here are some pics of French figs I'd painted. These represent my experiment with different manufacturers. My brand of choice is Old Glory, but there are also AB, Fantassin, and Battle Honors mixed in. All are painted with the black undercoat technique, as described in my last post.


cstoesen said...

Great site and great information. Quick question: I am a big fan of OG 15mm miniatures in general. I am fairly new to Napoleonics. I am using a set of Napoleonic Skirmish rules at the company level. Can you tell me what OG pack would be good for a Voltigeur company of Legere with shako and plume? I can't find pictures of what is in each pack and the store near me that carried them no longer does.


Mark Case said...

Old Glory is limited with that one. I've had to switch to AB for Legere figures because the only poses O.G. makes are charging and skirmishing. The charging poses extend bayonets WAY out in front of the figure, which doesn't fit in the box with other battalions, and it's hard to make columns with them, etc. I've expressed an interest in Legere marching, but nothing yet.

Sorry for the lateness of the response!

cstoesen said...

Thanks. I really like AB but they are a bit more expensive. I guess I will start picking some up a few at a time.

Mark Case said...


I just posted some pics of Old Glory and AB for you. I hope it helps!